Montag, der 26. Januar 2009

Die Forderungen der Quadro Gruppe

Hier noch ein Nachtrag zur Quadro Gruppe. Leider ist das Papier mit den Forderungen immer noch nicht erhältlich, aber anscheinend ist Malta Today an den Inhalt gekommen. In diesem Artikel sind die Forderungen zusammengefasst.

  1. More readmission agreements with key countries of origin and transit in Africa, Near and Middle East “and elsewhere” to deliver a message “against the viability of illegal immigration” and allow Member States to implement returns.
  2. Establish a European “Laissez Passer” passport to facilitate readmission to third countries.
  3. More diplomatic cooperation with countries of origin to facilitate readmission procedures.
  4. Cracking down on organized crime and smuggling and trafficking of human beings through police cooperation.
  5. Strengthening of Frontex and Joint Operations, and providing Frontex with necessary financial and operational resources. Setting up of specialised offices.
  6. Establishment of the European Asylum Support Office.
  7. Amending the Dublin II Regulation to take into consideration that the system of responsibility allocation provided by the existing Regulation, results in added burden on frontline Member States.
  8. Urging other Member States to consider reallocating beneficiaries of international protection from Member States facing disproportionate pressures due to their geographical or demographic circumstances.
  9. Cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR should be strengthened with the establishment of new regional offices in sensitive areas of the southern and south-eastern Mediterranean.
  10. Increase anti-drug activities and the hindrance to drug routes through the central and east Mediterranean. Creating a Centre for Coordination of anti-drug and other anti-organised crime activities in this area.