Dienstag, der 7. April 2009

Immer wieder Ärger mit Nautilus [update]

timesofmalta.com meldet:

Frontex anti-immigration patrols in the waters between Libya, Malta and Italy, have been delayed by technical hitches between participating states.

The patrols were due to have started at the beginning of this month, but no fresh date has been set yet.

The patrols by the EU’s border control agency were this year supposed to cover nine months, following the approval of a bigger budget for Frontex.

Last week, Italian Home Affairs Minister Roberto Maroni said that joint Italian-Libyan patrols within Libyan waters would start on May 15.

So wird das nix…mit Nautilus IV

[update] Es gibt noch einen längeren Artikel zu dem sich abzeichnenden Debakel:

The EU’s anti-migration patrol mission, coordinated by its border control agency Frontex in the seas around Sicily, Malta and Libya, has stalled despite original plans to start operating at the beginning of last month.

Frontex sources yesterday admitted that Nautilus IV, as the operation is known, „is running late“ as there were still „technical hitches“ that had to be ironed out among the participating member states.

„technical hitches“, das bezieht sich bestimmt nicht auf die eingesetzte Technologie, sondern auf die Frage, wie denn die Mission nach dem Scheitern der letzten Mission überhaupt durchgeführt werden kann. Ich wette, dass sich gerade da drum gestritten wird, und vielleicht einige Staaten gar keine Lust haben, an dieser Mission teilzunehmen.

When pressed by The Times to provide further details on these hitches and to say whether a date had been established for the patrols to start, the sources declined further comment.

The Maltese government, represented by police and army officials in the Frontex meetings, also kept mum on the issue. A government official would only say that „technical preparations are being discussed and we hope this year’s patrol mission will start soon“.

Schweigen und Durchhalteparolen, es muss schlecht stehen um die Mission.

This year’s EU anti-migration patrols in the Mediterranean were supposed to be the longest ever to be conducted by Frontex, on a budget of over €10 million approved by member states and the European Parliament.

According to earlier plans, now being revised, air and sea assets from the participating member states, including Malta, had to conduct a nine-month mission from March to November, considered to be the peak of the migration season.

This year’s mission, if and when it takes place, should also have the added help of another similar, though separate, mission, to be conducted by Italian and Libyan personnel inside the 12-mile Libyan territorial waters.

The start of this mission has also been long overdue, although last week Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said it would start by May 15.

Nachdem die Patrouillen in lybischen Gewässern schon so oft angekündigt worden sind und nie stattgefunden haben, gilt auch hier: erstmal abwarten.